Visas to Russia Will Soon Become Easier to Obtain

Posted on April 13, 2014 · Posted in General, Russia

The Russian Government has recently introduced a bill to the Parliament proposing a simpler procedure for aliens to obtain a visa to Russia. Dmitry Medvedev signed the appropriate order that is now available on the website of the State Duma (what the Parliament is called in Russian).

The bill stipulates reducing the number of documents necessary to receive a tourist visa to Russia, and the validity of such visas shall increase from 30 days to six months.

Apart from tourists, the bill aims to facilitate foreigners who would like to enter Russia in order to develop cultural, scientific, socio-political and athletic connections. The most favorable conditions shall also be provided to foreign entrepreneurs interested in doing business in Russia.

The message released by the Government claims that the reciprocity principle shall be envisaged when increasing duration of business, humanitarian, private and tourist visas is in question. This would enable the Government to ease the process of obtaining a visa to Russia by citizens of foreign countries which are willing to introduce similar benefits to the citizens of Russia.


Source: The Russian Gazette

Translation by Veronica Zubrilina (International Institute of Administration, Class of 2011)