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MGIMO Alumni Association in North America (MAANA)

Who We Are

We are committed to developing a robust MGIMO alumni network connecting all generations of MGIMO alumni. We are determined to make an impact on how the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO-University) is recognized around the world.

How We Can Help You

Many of MGIMO alumni are established and recognized in their fields professionals and dedicated family members. We are happy to answer your questions and requests for information, provide a consultation and put you in touch with fellow alums.

How You Can Help Us

You can help us grow. Please spread the word, get involved, and, if you are interested in a more active role with the organization, please let us know. We would like to hear from you!

MGIMO Alumni Association in North America (MAANA) was founded by alumni of different generations. Established for charitable and educational purposes, in June 2010 it was incorporated as a non-for-profit corporation with a 501(c) (3) organization status from IRS in Washington, DC.

The main goals of MGIMO Alumni Association in North America are:

  • To connect and bring together MGIMO alumni who reside, either permanently or temporarily, in the countries of North America (such as the United States, Canada, Mexico, and other countries);
  • To create a robust and self-sufficient network of MGIMO alumni to assist its members in all aspects of their lives in North America, with a special focus on professional and educational opportunities;
  • To engage in fundraising activities as a way of achieving MAANA’s charitable and educational objectives (including establishing student and faculty exchange programs, organizing conferences and other MGIMO alumni events);
  • To establish ties with the Alma Mater – Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO-University) and organizations of MGIMO alumni around the world;
  • To contribute to the development of relations between Russia and the United States, Canada, Mexico and other North American countries; and
  • To raise awareness, disseminate information, and promote recognition across North America of MGIMO as a top notch international university.

In its fundraising activities, MAANA counts on support of its members, MGIMO alumni, general public donations, educational and charitable grants, corporate donations and support from fellow Universities and foundations. While establishing of a robust network of MGIMO alumni in North America as one of its main objectives, MGIMO Alumni Association in North America (MAANA) pursues educational objectives that would benefit members of general public in Russia and countries located in North America. Specifically, one of MAANA’s objectives includes fostering relationships between MGIMO-University and countries geographically located in North America, including cultural, academic and professional exchange.

The idea to formally found MAANA had been born back in 2001 by Alexey Manasuev, when he was studying at the LL.M. in International Tax Program of New York University School of Law. It was further revived by Alexey and Vladimir Kozin and supported by Dr. Anatoly V. Torkunov, Rector of MGIMO, during the MGIMO Alumni meeting in New York in November 2007. Prior to the establishment of MAANA, the annual MGIMO alumni meetings have traditionally taken place in New York, first under the sponsorship and umbrella of UBS (by a group of dedicated enthusiasts, notably including both MGIMO alumni (Nikolay Medvedev) and non-MGIMO alumni Brent Adams and the management of UBS) and later by the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in New York, that continues to be actively involved in the life of MGIMO Alumni Association in North America (MAANA).

In 2007-2009, a group of MGIMO alumni, the initiative group, comprised of Alexey Manasuev, Vladimir Kozin, Marina Barannik, Andrei Quinn-Barabanov, Maria Vannari, Evgeniya Rubinina, Roman Sehling, and other members continued to work toward formally establishing MGIMO Alumni Association in North America (MAANA). Here is the photo from the first meeting of the initiative group that took place in Washington, D.C. on March 3, 2008. The group laid the foundation for and was instrumental in incorporating MAANA.

MGIMO Alumni Association in North America

Significant role in establishing the association played Richard Dean of Baker & McKenzie in Washington, D.C. office. He personally provided support to the initiative and, in addition to general advice, assisted in advising the association on the incorporation process and compliance with various legal requirements.

In 2010, Dmitry Beskurnikov joined in the efforts of forming the association and was key in incorporating MAANA in June 2010.

Currently, MGIMO Alumni Association in North America (MAANA) gets significant support from the leadership of MGIMO-University, its Honorary (Advisory) Board and the main MGIMO Alumni Association in Moscow, Russia. Specifically, the team comprised of Anton Alyautdinov, Director of the main association (and his predecessor in that position Maxim Kacev), Evgeny Klochikhin (former assistant to MGIMO Rector), Vitaly Shemenev, Igor Arseniev, and others provided and continue providing invaluable support to MAANA.

In addition, MGIMO Alumni Association in North America (MAANA) is fortunate to currently have valuable Advisors to the MAANA’s Board of Directors like Thaddeus Fortenberry (non-MGIMO alumni who continues to be key contributor to the success of the association).

MAANA has a Board of Directors, the Honorary (Advisory) Board of Directors, and management consisting of President, Treasurer, and Secretary. All officers and directors of MAANA are volunteers and have graduated from MGIMO. We are always looking for active members who would like to join our team and help further develop our Association.

We are inviting all MGIMO alumni to join us!

MAANA Board of Directors adopted a resolution introducing annual membership dues in the amount of US$35. The membership dues and donations can be made here: Make a Donation. All donations to MGIMO Alumni Association in North America are tax-deductible, please use Tax ID 27-3167012. We will do our best to develop this project into a meaningful organization for MGIMO alumni of all generations. Thank you for your support!

Our Partners

Our Alumni organization is working towards developing and strengthening relationships with several partners, including MGIMO-University Alumni Association head office in Moscow, MGIMO Alumni Association branches in various countries around the world and other professional and non-profit organizations. We will keep you posted on the latest news and developments!

Our Current Partners

Our Sponsors

MAANA is fortunate to have the support of several sponsorships, which are vital for the growth and successful functioning of our young organization. We would like to thank all our sponsors for their assistance and generous support!

We also want to extend a very warm “thank you” to all our volunteers who have been helping MAANA grow!

Our Current Sponsors