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Alumni Club New York


Who we are

MGIMO Alumni Club of New York serves MGIMO graduates and exchange students from the Tri-State area through cultural, professional leverage and networking initiatives.

We are committed to connecting, engaging, and celebrating alumni and friends of MGIMO University who are based in the Greater New York area.

The Club was founded by Lidia Salgado in March of 2011, and grew from its founder’s personal network to over 100 people and counting. The Consulate General of the Russian Federation in NY, as well as Dr. Zarui Migranyan, have been instrumental to the growth of the Club membership.

What we do

We hold semi-annual general meetings, as well as organize and curate smaller gatherings (special thanks to Evgenia Piletski-Weichsel, Anna Kadysheva and Lilia Zakirova), as well as help promote important charitable events in the

The Club is also a platform for professional networking, assisting members with job hunting and providing recommendations and mentoring.

Finally, we provide general advice with regards to living in US and NYC specifically.

How to get in touch

Please send an email to Lidia Salgado with any questions, comments and suggestions, as well as to be added to the Club’s mailing list.

You can also join us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

And as always – please spread the word!

Our Events

Events will be posted in the News & Events section of the website.

Select past events:

Reunion, July 2011, Carlton Hotel

Conversation with Evgenia Albats, July 2012

Monsey Trip, August 2012

Yolka, January 2012, The Consulate General of the Russian Federation in NY (organized by RACH-C)

Reunion, January 2012, The Consulate General of the Russian Federation in NY (organized by the Russian Consulate in NY, MAANA and the MGIMO Club New York.

Petroushka Ball, February 2012, Waldorf Astoria (organized by RCWS)

MGIMO Family Picnic – June 2012