Celebrating the Memorial Day All Across America

Posted on May 27, 2014 · Posted in General

Yesterday, America celebrated one of its key national holidays – the Memorial Day. The final Monday of every May is the day Americans commemorate those who made the ultimate sacrifice defending the interests of their Motherland. All across the United States, millions of people paid their tribute to veterans participating in festive parades, visiting cemeteries, and volunteering to help veterans and their families within the local communities.

In Memory of Bruce Avrett

As diverse as America is, the celebration of the Memorial Day in different corners of the United States ranges from the traditional parade marching to golf events and auto racing. MGIMO alumni were happy to attend many of these memorable events throughout the country.

The centerpiece of the celebration happened, naturally, in the capitol of the nation. The National Memorial Day Parade took place on May 26th at 2 p.m. on the Constitution Avenue in Washington D.C. Marching bands and veteran units came from every state of America to commemorate the courage and sacrifice of their fellow-Americans.

In New York, it is a tradition for all the Parade visitors to line up along Bay Ridge to witness a 21-gun salute and wreath ceremony occurring every year in John Paul Jones Park. New York’s Memorial Day Parade features live music, active duty military personnel, veterans, fireworks, and is the oldest Memorial Day Parade in the country.

San Antonio (which is one of the 10 oldest cities of the United States, and the third largest city of Texas) had the doors of the legendary Alamo open to public all of the Memorial Day.

The Alamo, San Antonio, TX

Originally a church, the Alamo served as a battleground for Mexican and Texan troops in the legendary Battle of the Alamo, and today it represents the pivotal moment in Texas gaining its independence from Mexico in 1836.

San Antonio, TX

In Indianapolis, one of the most long-standing traditions for the Memorial Day has been Indianapolis 500 – an auto race organized by the city since 1911. This year, more than two hundred thousand spectators attended the event, and Ryan Hunter-Reavy became the one to take the trophy.

Los Angeles commemorated America’s heroes by organizing Fiesta Hermosa – a large 3-day arts and crafts fair accompanied by musical and edible festivities. More musical festivals and traditional parades decorated the city throughout the entire Memorial weekend.

Apart from official celebrations, Memorial Day in America is the time for a small family getaway, travel, camping, or simply family reunion at home.

A little over two weeks ago, Russia celebrated the Victory Day, which very much resembles the American Memorial Day. On this day in Russia (May 9th), most cities all across the country organize festive parades, concerts and fireworks as a sign of remembrance of the veterans. The major difference between these two holidays would be that on the Memorial Day, America commemorates veterans of all conflicts, wars and battles where Americans have shed their blood, while the Victory Day in Russia is only dedicated to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War which took away the lives of more than 20 million Russians.

Text and photos by Veronica Zubrilina (International Institute of Administration, Class of 2011)